Secure boat storage and skilled movement of boats for dedicated and enthusiastic boat owners

We provide dedicated boat owners, with secure dry storage and skilled movement of craft giving them the peace of mind that their boat is in safe hands and easily available to use whenever they wish.

The advantages our customers enjoy by using our services:

  • Their craft are in a secure environment enclosed by security fencing and floodlit at night, in addition to 24 hr CCTV.
  • Their craft are moved by professionally trained and experienced boat handlers.
  • Minimum notice required to move boats from storage to water, for use. We can launch most boats in just 15 minutes.
  • Use of purpose built boat stands or storage on own trailer.
  • Craft kept out of the water when not in use, reduces wear from fenders scuffing the gel coat and the bottom does not foul, hence improved performances and fuel saving.
  • New boats (GRP or steel) that have never been coated with antifouling have a higher resale value.